How old fashioned - a blog!

The best time for weblogs is certainly over. Videos and images with short messages dominate in many areas. Even in computer science, instructions, field reports and education are increasingly relying on videos rather than text.

In my work as a course instructor, I notice that the attendees often have difficulty transferring the content from the videos. For myself, I also observe that it is easier for me to find my way around within a neatly structured article than within a video. The transfer of information has a different quality in spoken language than in a formulated text. Especially in the field of software development the details are quite important.

Gladly I would like to try with this blog to make a contribution to the antipole to the videos. I am convinced that there are some things I can write about, which could be useful for others. Therefore, one of my goals for the new year is to write at least 24 articles. So every month at least two posts.

The whole story also serves me to try out new technologies. Besides that I would like to publish some other content on this site, like training material, which can be useful for others.

Of course I'm happy about feedback and suggestions for improvement. In the footer are my contact details. The source code for the project can be found here. Let's see what comes out of it. Have a good start into the new year and see you soon.

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