Great to meet you! I'm Robin.

From a young age I was enthusiastic about technology. Especially computers and software development caught my interest. I like to develop web applications and apps for mobile devices. Also in the future, I intend to focus on this topics and elaborate my knowledge about them.

It's easy and fun for me to interact with colleagues to bring a project further and reach given targets. I can take responsibility for a small team and lead it with clear instructions and an agile project management on wards.

Besides the world of bits and bytes I like to be outdoors. The modes of transport vary between cycling and hiking. Greater distance I try to cover by train. I like to jog along the Rhine and dancing, even though I'm not gifted with talent. I try to discover our precious planet spontaneously and without leaving my footstep. Usually I'm open and very happy to meet strangers.

Problems I see as a challenge and I like to tackle them. It's fun for me to fiddle out creative solutions or break it down into small manageable pieces.

I look forward to constructive discussions. Get in touch with me!

Do you want to talk about a project idea of yours? You have questions, a suggestion or something else about the content of this website you want to talk about? Don't hesitate to use one of the following possibilities to get in contact with me:

via email:
[email protected]
via phone:
+41 44 520 06 99
via Telegram:
via Threema:
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